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A Competitor is a company (Account) in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar service. Account is added to the list of Competitors when it is defined as a Competitor in a particular Opportunity.

Add Account to Competitor's list

To add Account to the list of Competitors these steps:

1. In tab Competitors of a particular Opportunity click Add_Create_new or go to Sales → Competitors and click New.

2. Fill in information of the Competitor:

  • Account: conduct search of the Competitor.
  • Outcome: indicates whether competitor won or was rejected.
  • Bid price: competitor’s bid price.
  • Winner price: price offered by the winner.
  • Winner reason: indicates winner reason.
  • Description: additional description.

3. Click Save.



Perform actions in the list of Competitors


1. As in all lists, you can work with Competitors by using standard functionality buttons: filter Competitors, add new Competitor, change table properties, search Competitors, narrow or extend information viewable in table cells, edit or add additional information to the Competitor, delete Competitor from the list.

2. After selecting single or multiple Competitors by marking lines Mark or selecting all Competitors by clicking Button button and selecting Select all it is possible to export the list of selected Competitors to MS Excel file.